Please note that the time for each appointment depends on the services requested.  Piano tuning is about an hour.  Stephen will give you a general time needed when booking an appointment.


Stephen will tune your piano to meet the needs of your specific piano. Some pianos are more out of tune than others and need more time to complete the tuning. Adjustments will be made to tune your piano to ‘concert pitch’, which is the international tuning standard. Stephen will give your piano a general once over at the time of tuning to let you know if other services or repairs are needed.


Stephen will assess the damages when you have cosmetic, structural, or mechanical needs caused by wear, an accident, or water/sun damage. He will estimate the costs and time needed for your piano. These repairs are not part of tuning but can be done in conjunction with tuning, if minor. If repairs are required before tuning, you will be advised as some repairs need more in-depth attention.


As your piano ages and if you use the piano regularly, parts of your piano need to be regulated for uniformity and/or worn parts replaced for performance efficiency.
Stephen will regulate all piano parts as needed for ease and the pleasure of playing.


Stephen can appraise all types and makes of pianos for refurbishing or rebuilding. If selling your piano, he will give you an estimate of the resell value. Appraisals help determine if the time and effort are warranted to repair antique and older pianos or if purchasing a new/newer piano should be considered.